The Worst Pets For Kids

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(Last Updated On: April 13, 2020)


Family pets are great for a lot of reasons. Your kids learn about responsibility and the extra appreciation and cuteness can bring joy for years to come.

However, some pets are better than others for families. What sounds like a great family pet in the beginning can turn into a disaster later on. So read on to find out which pets are the worst to get when you have kids around.


Worst Pets For Kids

Although birds don’t seem as if they’ll be a lot of work to take care of, they actually are. Birds aren’t like cats or dogs, which are considered traditional pets, so it takes a lot of specialized knowledge to care for them.

Birds can be noisy.  Plus, you can’t really cuddle them as much as you could a hamster, dog or cat, and many kids might not understand this.


Worst Pets For Kids

Although they might be cute and small, rabbits don’t make great pets for kids. They tend to be destructive if you keep them indoors (they’re chew on your carpet and baseboards and anything else they find) and will leave a mess of rabbit droppings everywhere in the house.

The cage has to be cleaned often.  And you can’t really train a rabbit get rid of their bad habits.



Having pets like lizards and iguanas might seem like a cool thing to have, but they’re really expensive.

They need to have certain living spaces that require the temperature to be just right and they eat bugs, so you’ll have a box of crickets and other types of insects, which may freak out some children.

Even snakes are bad pets because no one wants to be in a house with an escaped snake slithering around!

Hermit Crabs or Turtles

Worst Pets For Kid

Although they’re low maintenance, they’re not very exciting as pets. If your family is looking for something cute, fury and interactive stick to something like a dog or cat.

The Worst Pets for Kids

And these animals can tend to have a foul smell, which will make your home or room wan unpleasant place to be if its terrarium isn’t clean.

These creatures tend to have a long life and can live anywhere from 20-40 years, so you may not want to keep them around when your kids are off to college.

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