Fertile Parrot Eggs for Sale

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Fertile Parrot Eggs For Sale

Breeding parrots as a business idea can be very rewarding. You can start with having fertile parrot eggs for sale, and eventually scale into selling actual parrots. To achieve success in breeding, you must give them adequate housing. Investing in good incubators is also critical. You must maintain sanitary conditions to avoid the spread of avian disease.

In our article below, we will focus on where and how to find fertile parrot eggs for sale. You will learn how to raise parrots from an egg, and the best incubators to use

Fertile Parrot Eggs for Sale

Finding a parrot egg supplier can be challenging; if you have access to a legitimate breeder, that would be the best place to source for the eggs. Parrot eggs are very delicate, and, therefore, not easy to transport over a long distance.

The other alternative may be to buy adult birds, which can lay the eggs for you. You must, however, ensure that the pair is DNA sexed, bonded and parent-reared.

Parrot Eggs Supplier

As stated above, we would recommend that you look for a breeder near you. You avoid the risk of losing the eggs during transit. You also have a better chance of getting more information about the birds and breeding conditions.

Buy Parrot Eggs Online

A cursory online search will show you that you can find people and companies offering fertile parrot eggs for sale. We would recommend that if you opt to buy parrot eggs online, do your research well and ask all the necessary questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fertile Parrot Eggs For Sale

Find below some frequently asked questions.

1. Can you ship parrot eggs?

Yes, you can, certain suppliers sell on the online platform. If you want to become a parrot egg supplier, you may need to invest in high-quality containers to protect the eggs during the shipping process. Parrot eggs are delicate, and improper handling may lead to cracking. You may also reduce the probability of the eggs hatching if you do not handle them well.

2. How can I sell my parrot eggs online?

There are many online platforms, which you can use to sell your parrot eggs to bird lovers or breeders. Such include birdsnow.com, avianbiotech.com and parrotpages.com.

3. How much does a real talking parrot cost?

A talking parrot can cost anywhere within the range of $20 to $5000. The type and age determine the price. African Greys, Amazon’s, budgies and Cockatiels are some of the options you have.

4. How do you raise a parrot from an egg?

If you do not have the adult to hatch the eggs naturally, you can use an incubator.

  • The ideal temperature is 37.4°C. Humidity should range within 40 to 50%.
  • Your incubator should rotate the eggs, or you should do it by hand every one to two hours.
  • Use a candle to check for abnormalities or cracks.
  • Move them out of the incubator into the hatcher when the draw-down begins.
  • Maintain the same temperature and humidity in the hatcher. With proper incubation, within two to three days in the hatcher, the egg will hatch.

5. What is the best incubator for parrot eggs?

It would be hard to say because there are many brands available in the market. However, the best incubator should:-

  • Maintain an ideal temperature humidity
  • Should be able to turn the eggs at least every 2 hours
  • Easy to clean and disinfect
  • Have a fan for heat circulation and a thermometer
  • How do you know if a parrot egg is fertile?

You have several simple ways to check if the egg is fertile. Such include:-

  • Candle test – hold the egg up to a candle. You will see blood vessels, as well as the embryo.
  • Floating test – If the egg floats in water, it is infertile.
  • Mating test – If your female bird does not mate, any egg she lays will be infertile.

Final Thoughts

Having fertile parrot eggs for sale can be a lucrative business. You can sell them online or locally to bird lovers or breeders. Your business also has the potential to grow beyond being a parrot eggs supplier. You can eventually scale your business to sell hatchlings or adult birds.

Like any other business, do your research well so that you know what you’re getting into. You can even volunteer at an aviary so that you have some hands-on experience on what goes into bird breeding.

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