African gray parrot: All About its Stunning intelligence

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African gray parrot


Exceed all expectations. When you see one of these birds in the pet store, you should try talking to one. Their ability to pick up words will astound you and for the African Gray Parrot price they better pick up a lot of human words. They have a great reputations for their intelligence.

These birds are not cheap, which makes African Gray Parrot adoption on the expensive side. But if you can afford it, you have a talented bird that may outlive you. Their home is in equatorial Africa making them a bird that likes a warm environment and has a lot of dense jungle nearby.

African Grey Parrot Lifespan

It is hard to say how long these birds live in the wild. They have many predators that like to feast on their meat and cut their existence down. Having one as a pet is a different story.

After an African Gray Parrot adoption or held in a zoo, these birds can live for up to 50 to 60 years. A safe environment allows them to grow to maturity and enjoy their peaceful lives.

African Gray Parrot Facts:

Before you lay down the huge sum of money that entitles you to own your very own African gray Parrot, you should learn some facts about them so you know how to care for them properly. These facts and your care help these birds live their full lifespans.

Biological Facts

There are two species of the African Gray bird and the Congo version has a lighter feather color than its Timneh counterpart. The Congo species have a shiny black beak and bright red tail feathers while the Timneh species sports horn colored mandibles and maroon colored tail feathers.

For the Congo female, the tail feathers turn a little silver at the tips while the males’ tail feathers remain red. Also, under the feathers, the male’s coloring will turn dark while the females remain light.

You can’t tell which is a male or female parrot until they are about 18 months of age.


These are very intelligent birds and that means they get bored very easily. When that happens, the birds will screech a lot making it almost impossible for you to live in your own home.

In addition to that, these birds are not that great with smaller children and may bite if provoked. The birds have an uncanny sense to read their owner’s moods and will act accordingly. These birds need a lot of socialization for them to respond and behave well. Finally, they can be very sensitive birds that get nervous easily.


In the jungle, the diet for the African gray Parrot is different from the one they receive in captivity. Former location, these birds, eat fruit, insects, leaves, bark, and flowers.

In captivity, it is recommended to use little pellets made from different fruit items including pomegranate, organic mango, and melon. Then you can make them a salad using a variety of leafy greens such as arugula, watercress, kale, sprouts.

Finally, the seeds from hemp and flaxseeds are also recommended to maintain a healthy diet for your new pet.


It is obvious that you cannot copy the original environment these birds enjoy unless you live in a tropical location. In lieu of that environment, you should have as a substitute a 2 by 2 foot cage with a 3 foot height. That is the minimum requirement for these birds.

Give them lots of toys to play with as these birds get bored very easily. Also, they like to have the television or radio left on when they have to be home alone. Expect to spend lots of time with your bird as these animals need socialization.

Finally, place their cage in a quiet corner so that they do not get overly stressed.

Preventive Care

The best way to provide preventive care is t make sure that their environment is stimulating, peaceful for the most part and that they have a very healthy diet. On top of those items, you should be prepared to spend hours each day with your pet and give them about 1 to 2 hours outside of their cage for some vigorous exercise.

Common medical disorders

One common ailment is feather picking. This usually takes place when the pet is bored. Another is vitamin A and D deficiency which can be remedied by feeding them a diet rich in beta carotene as well as fruit.

Other common ailments are respiratory infection, psittacosis, and psittacine beak which would need the care of a vet who is trained in the care of exotic birds.

African Gray Parrot Price

The price for an African Gray Parrot will depend on where you buy one. For many regular pet stores, the average cost is $1200 although they can go as high as $2,000. If you go to a breeder then expect to pay between $2,000 and $4,000.

What are the factors that impact the price of African Greys

There are two main factors that make owning one of these birds so expensive. The legal paperwork to own one of these birds is very expensive and the process takes a while.

Then the amount of food you have to feed them over their long lifespan may have some potential bird owners thinking twice about getting one.

Why raising an African Grey Parrot is expensive

The main reason for this expense is the type of food you need to feed these birds. Regular bird seed just won’t do as these birds can get vitamin deficiencies very easily if you do not feed them real fruits and vegetables.

Again, their long lifespans mean you will be paying a lot of money over the years to keep your pet nice and healthy.

African Grey Parrot for Adoption

If you do not want to pay the high African Gray Parrot price at the pet stores or the breeders you can try the different adoption centers or rescue organizations. These businesses help find the right home for the African gray Parrot, no matter the species, as some breeders do not care for their birds as well as they could.

If you need a list of places to look to adopt a bird for your home, click here. There may be other organizations willing to help you find the right bird and a good internet search should turn those up very easily.

Just be prepared to meet some African Gray Parrot adoption regulations and requirements.

African Gray Parrot products

There are a lot of products you can buy for your new pet. If you can afford the African gray Parrot price then the cost of these products should not bother you. There are too many of each to list here so you do not have to worry about keeping your bird healthy and entertained

#1. Vitamins & Supplements

Echinacea Purpurea Root Herbal

This item is to help your bird’s immune system stay healthy and in top working order. It takes about 8 drops per does and needs to be administered twice a day


  1. 4 ways to give your pet this medicine
  2. Free shipping available
  3. For immune system and infections


  1. Small size
  2. Can be seen as expensive
  3. No free shipping until large order is placed

Calcium Powder For Pet Birds

This powder treats several different ailments including egg binding, nervousness, splay eggs, and even a calcium deficiency. One pinch on fruit or other food up to 5 times a week for breeding birds. Non-breeding birds only need it once or twice a week.


  1. Treats many different ailments
  2. Easy to administer
  3. Contains Vitamin D


  1. 4 pinches for an African Gray Parrot
  2. Needs to be kept from light
  3. May need to purchase frequently

#2. Toys

Abacus Large Parrot Toy

This large toy measures about 22 by 16 by 3 inches overall and is designed to occupy your bird’s attention for long periods of time. Bright colors, java wood, and sisal rope and those items should not hurt your bird’s beak.


  1. Bright colors to keep your bird’s attention
  2. Safe for your bird to use
  3. Easy to install


  1. Very expensive
  2. May not last that long
  3. Basic toy

Aronico Preener Large Bird Toy

This is a 3 in one toy that helps your bird take care of itself, be a companion when it gets lonely as well as teach your bird how to forage. You can hide little seeds or bits of food inside the brightly colored strings so your bird knows how to search and find food.


  1. Excellent teacher toy
  2. Provides companionship for lonely birds
  3. Helps stop feather plucking


  1. Bird may not be fooled by the toy
  2. May not be durable
  3. String may not hold seeds very well

#3. Food

Hemp Seed

a natural treat that African Gray Parrots like to eat. Hemp seeds are rich in minerals, protein as well as vitamins so your parrot will get a great meal when you give them this easy to serve dish. This product helps the digestive and immune systems function properly


  1. Very affordable
  2. Easy to serve
  3. Very nutritious


  1. Your parrot may not eat them
  2. Need a large supply
  3. Need to keep them fresh

Hagen Tropimix Large Parrot

This African Gray Parrot food is mixed with different favorites your new pet loves to eat. Inside you will find grains, fruits, legumes, nuts, and extruded Tropican sticks. The last ingredient comes with a nice peanut flavor and all of the ingredients provide a nutritious meal that your bird will benefit fro eating. This particular product is organic so you know your pet won’t get harsh chemicals and other hazardous ingredients.


  1. Made from healthy fruits, vegetables, etc.
  2. Should be pesticide-free
  3. Great flavors your pet should love


  1. Small package size
  2. Fair to high cost
  3. Need to keep fresh

African Gray Parrot: FAQs

#1. Why are African Grey Parrots so expensive?

These are a bird that lives in a very limited habitat which makes them rarer than other birds. Plus, the process to own one legally is long and costly. That is where most of your money will go.

#2. Are African GREY parrots good pets?

Not for small children. These birds tend to get nervous and the actions of little kids can stress the birds out. These parrots can be one person pets and are good for young to older adults

#3. Where does the African Gray Parrot come from?

The specific nations these birds are found are Angola, Cameroon, Congo, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Kenya, and Uganda. Anywhere a dense forest can be found although they can live on the edge of forests as well.

#4. Do all African GREY parrots talk?

Yes, they do and it is said they can learn up to 1500 words and mimic different voices and sounds. Also, they repeat just about everything they hear so be careful what you say around them.

#5. Are these birds noisy?

For the most part no. They are rated as low to moderate noise makers unless you ignore them and leave them alone a lot. At those times, these birds can screech and make a lot of noise.

Some final words

If you can afford them, these African Gray Parrots should make excellent pets. They can be great conversation pieces as well as conversationalists. They have fun as well as they are able to mimic different sounds that may trick your dog.

The only thing you have to worry about is what you say around them. One lady owner’s affair was exposed because her African Gray Pet used her voice to call out her lover’s name in front of her husband.

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