How to Get a Bird Out of Your Garage?

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How To Get A Bird Out Of Your Garage


Many people like birds, but there are some places where they do not belong. You may enjoy watching and listening to birds outside your window, but you do not want them inside your buildings. Whether you have a few birds or many around your property, the time may come when you need to know how to get a bird out of your garage.

How To Get A Bird Out Of Your Garage

You do not need to panic when you see a bird in your garage, as they are not usually difficult to remove. You can try some easy tips to make your garage bird-free again.

1. Open the windows and doors:

Often, birds will leave on their own. When you leave it alone awhile, the bird may fly out as easily as he flew in. All it takes is a little patience.

2. Turn off the lights:

Most birds prefer sunlight, and are most active during the daytime. When you turn the lights off, the bird will look for a source of light. Leave one door or window open so the bird can see the sunlight outside. When the outdoors is light and bright, most birds will fly out into it.

There is another way turning off lights can be useful. If the bird you are coping with is not a nocturnal species, making the garage as dark as possible may cause the bird to fall asleep. Allow the bird to sleep for awhile, and then gently awaken it. Gently encourage the bird to fly out the door.

3. Attract the bird’s attention:

Birds are naturally attracted to shiny and bright objects. Find a brightly-colored or shiny object and place it outside the door. A ball or a Christmas ornament are two examples. Red is an ideal color for luring birds out of your garage. It will attract his attention, and he will fly out to it, Make sure to close the windows and doors after the bird leaves.

4. Walk into the garage:

Wild birds are usually frightened by the presence of a human. If you walk in and he sees you, your presence can be enough to scare him out. If you try this tip, be sure to leave the doors and windows open so he can quickly exit.

However, you should not try to intentially scare the bird. Do not yell, scream, chase it with a broom, or run toward it in a threatening manner. If the bird becomes too frightened, he could try to escape so quickly that he hits something and injures himself. Instead, your presence is gentle encouragement for him to leave.

5. Avoid products that are harmful to birds:

Whether you are bothered by one bird or birds come in on a regular basis, you may be getting frustrated and desperate. Although products are available, they are not the wisest solution. Many products are poison. You want the bird to leave, but you should not want it to die. If you are considering a bird repellent, choose a product that is 100% organic.

6. Capture the bird:

In some cases, you can capture a bird and then release it outdoors. When you want to know how to get a bird out of your garage, notice if the bird is very small, frail, or injured. Move slowly toward the bird so you do not frighten it, and capture it in a clean towel. Take it outdoors, a distance from your garage, and let it go.

7. Consider a proactive approach:

After you have succeeded in getting a bird out of your garage, you do not want to repeat the experience. You can take a proactive approach to keep birds out. A number of methods can help you achieve this goal.

What Steps Should Be Taken To Prevent The Birds From Entering Your Garage?

“Keeping birds out of my garage” takes less time and effort than removing them after they have come in. There are a number of ways you can keep them out.

Learn why birds enter a garage:

There are two common reasons birds enter garages and other buildings. They are either looking for food or looking for places to nest. When “keeping birds out of my garage” is your goal, you will want to eliminate your garage as a source of food and nesting.

Step #1. Placing Physical Barrier :

When birds enter garages to build nests, they prefer the rafters. You can prevent nesting by placing physical barriers so they cannot access the rafters. You can find netting at home supply stores or hardware stores.

Step #2. Hang Mirrors or Dual-sided Reflective Tape:

A second approach is to hang mirrors or dual-sided reflective tape. This can discourage the birds from landing on the rafters. An additional benefit is when birds see their reflections, they think the area is already occupied. This is an easy way to encourage birds to leave. A bird will not want to build a nest if it believes another bird is already nesting in the area.

Step #3. Place Some Plastic Snakes or Owls:

A third approach is to place some plastic snakes or owls near the birds’ prospective nesting areas. They will see these plastic predators as threats, and not want to build their nests. Wooden replicas of predators can work, too. Birds will stay away if they see hawks or owls.

If you find a nest that already has eggs, it is better to wait for the eggs to hatch before you remove it. It is healthier and safer for the bird and its chicks. If you do remove a nest with eggs, carefully place it in a safe area not far from the garage. You do not want the mother bird to abandon the nest, or not be able to find it.

If birds enter your garage looking for food, you can easily resolve this problem. You need to make sure there is no source of food in your garage. However, it is important to keep in mind that what you consider food is not necessarily what birds consider food. Even leaves and other debris may be concealing something that appeals to birds. Bugs and worms can be tasty treats for a hungry bird.

Other Tips:

“Keeping birds out of my garage” can be as simple as keeping your garage meticulously clean. There is more to it than simply putting things away and cleaning up spills. Make a point of sweeping the garage out on a regular basis. Every couple of days is not too frequent, especially if leaves get into the garage.

Another tip for “keeping birds out of my garage” is definitely the easiest. It does not require any extra time or effort. All you need to do is make sure the windows and doors are all closed when you are not personally entering, exiting, or working in the garage. Open windows and doors are like an invitation to birds. Keeping them closed can keep the birds out.

Depending on the condition of your garage, though, you may need to do a little work. Check to see if there are any openings, especially at the top of the garage. It is worth the effort to seal these openings. It can keep birds out, and also keep everything in your garage clean.

How To Get A Bird Out Of Your Garage: FAQs

Question: How do you get a bird out?

Answer: You can try these methods to encourage the bird to leave.

Question: How do you free a bird trapped in a building?

Answer: You can leave the bird alone with the doors and windows open so it can fly out on its own. You can also approach the bird in a nonthreatening manner and shoo it out.

Question: How to get rid of the birds nesting?

Answer: If the nest has eggs, it is better to leave it alone until the baby birds have hatched. You can then place it in a safe area outdoors. If there are no eggs, though, you can simply remove it. Clean the area thoroughly after you dispose of the nest. A wide variety of parasites and pests can be in a bird’s nest. They can remain in the nest after the birds are gone.

Question: What if a bird is stuck?

Answer: In some cases, birds can become lodged in small places and are unable to free themselves. It is not a good idea to try prying the bird out. The bird could be injured, and so could you. In this situation, it is best to call a professional. Check to see if there is an agency in your area that deals with birds or wildlife in general. If you cannot find one nearby, contact your local Animal Control agency.

Question: When I find a bird in my garage, can I catch it and keep it as a pet?

Answer: Wild birds are not meant to be kept as pets. They are different from birds you purchase at a pet shop and keep in a cage in your home. For many reasons, including their health, wild birds must live outdoors in nature.

Question: What if a baby bird has fallen out of its nest?

Answer: First, make sure the bird is not injured. If it seems to be o.k., carefully pick it up and put it back in the nest immediately. Watch the nest to see if the mother returns to it.

Question: How can I live harmoniously with wild birds?

Answer: Now that you know how to get a bird out of your garage and how to keep them out, there are options for you to enjoy the birds while they stay healthy and safe.

One option is to make the area around your home inviting to wild birds. This approach takes no more effort than purchasing or making a bird feeder and keeping it filled with bird seed. You can hang the feeder outside one of your windows. The birds will be happy and well-fed, and you can enjoy their presence every day.

If your property is large enough for a garden, you have a second option. Your garden can be a wonderful haven for many types of wild birds. It can also provide adequate space for larger bird feeders, or multiple bird feeders. You can install predator guards to stop predatory animals from bothering the wild birds.

Whether you place a feeder by a window or in a garden, commercially-made bird seed is not the only option. Wild birds eat a variety of seeds, and some eat fruits and nuts. Sunflower seeds are a good example of food that many birds enjoy. If you have a little space on your property, you can grow sunflowers.

Some wild birds will eat the seeds directly off the growing plants. For smaller birds, though, you can remove and dry the sunflower heads. You can place the heads on a platform feeder or a tray, or hang the heads up for the birds to feed. It is a nice way to keep the outdoor birds healthy, and sunflowers growing look nice, too!

Final Verdict

Birds can be enjoyable, but they can also be bothersome. You may love the birds around your home, but this does not mean you want them to move in. You do not want bird droppings, feathers, or nests inside your garage. When you start with these tips, you can get birds out and keep them out. You will appreciate those beautiful birds much more when they stay outdoors!

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