Best horse for beginners: Top five breeds (2020)

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best horses for beginners


Since there is not a particular horse breed that is ideal for newbies; however, there are some few breeds with attributes that make them much better for beginners than others.

Such horses tend to have incredible traits such as calm, easy to train, and they offer smooth rides.

When looking for a horse as a novice, you should consider the ones who are patient with riders, and they have little experience.

Since there are different breeds of horses around the world, choosing the right one can be challenging, especially for beginners.

Therefore, we have compiled you some of the best horses for beginners in this article.

top 5 best horses for beginners

1. Arabian horse

 best horses for beginners  Arabian horse
Arabian horse

The Arabian horse is considered as best horse breed for beginners. They are the purest breed of horses on earth.

The Arabian horses’ lines present today are said to have come from 5 famous Arabian mare; El Adjus, Kuhaylan, Handan, Siglavy, and Hamdani. The five famous lines feature distinct traits.

Bedouin Arabs used their male horse for mating only, unlike most riders. These horses received love and care, just like a family member.

Therefore, having an Arabian horse as a beginner is a significant investment.

Pros & Cons of Arabian horse


  • Calm. The Arabian horses are known to be extremely calm. The years of selective breeding have given these horses one of the best traits you will find in a horse.
  • Fast. These horses are known for being fast. Since they are used to the harsh desert, the Arabian horses can endure almost any environmental condition. Furthermore, they hardly get tired despite the steepness of the terrain.
  •   Loyal. If you are looking for a horse that will be loyal to you, then the Arabian horse is the best. These horses are known to be extremely friendly and loyal to man, making it perfect for riding.
  • Obedience. When it comes to obedience, this breed of horse is the best. The Arabian horses listen to commands which make them the best horses breed for beginners.


  • Despite being a fantastic horse, especially with beginners, the Arabian horse becomes bored quickly.

2. American quarter horse

 best horses for beginners American quarter horse
American quarter horse

The American quarter horse is the number one horse breed in America. This horse breed is famous among the English and Western riders. Due to their temperament, this breed of horse is ideal for beginners.

As a beginner, you will want to ride a horse that is calm, safe to ride, and easy to handle, and the American quarter horse features all the above traits making it the greatest horse breed for beginners.

These horses are brilliant, which makes them the perfect riding partner, especially for individuals who are afraid of the first time.

Pros & Cons of American quarter horse


  • Calm. Just like the Arabian horse, the American quarter horse is extremely calm; this is one of the traits you should look for in horses as a novice.
  • Easy to handle.  Since they are smart, the American quarter horse can be handled easily by either a newbie or an expert horse rider.
  • Safe to ride. Riding this horse is extremely safe since they listen and obey commands very fast. Furthermore, they love pleasing their owners, which makes them ideal for the first riders.
  • Versatile. The American quarter horse is highly versatile. They adjust and cope up with the new environment quickly.


  • The American quarter horse is fantastic; however, they tend to have numerous health problems.

3. Thoroughbred horse

Thoroughbred Horse
Thoroughbred Horse

The Thoroughbred is an amazing horse breed; they feature superb agility, incredible speed as well as exceptional spirit. Despite being known as racehorses, thoroughbred can be great for beginners as well.

However, riding this horse will require courage. This horse is ideal for individuals who would like to participate in horse racing.

To train in riding thoroughbred, it is best to use a retired racehorse, which will bolt once the pistol is fired. Using a well-trained thoroughbred horse is highly advisable.

Pros & Cons of thoroughbred horse


  • Versatile. When it comes to versatility, thoroughbred horses are the best; they often adapt to a different environment very fast.
  • Stamina. Thoroughbreds are known for having excellent stamina, which makes them perfect for a racecourse.
  • Comfortable. Riding this horse is extremely comfortable; this feature is essential, especially for newbies.
  • Tremendous speed. This breed of horses is known for their tremendous speed; this makes them perfect for newbies who would like to play horse racing in the future.


  • As a beginner, it is advisable to have an expert who will take you through all the necessary aspects required when it comes to riding a thoroughbred horse.

4. Morgan horse

 best horses for beginner
Morgan horse

The Morgan horse is an incredible choice for a family horse. Unlike most horses, Morgan is typically social, attentive, and known for having a great desire when it comes to pleasing their caretakers.

If you are a novice, these horses will be extremely forgiving when riding them. Furthermore, they follow instructions quickly when ridden by experienced riders.

Morgan horses have been used in serving various roles in America during the 19th century. Morgan features three different colors; black, chestnut, and bay.

Pros & Cons of Morgan horse


  • Friendly. This is one of the main aspects you should consider looking for in a horse as a beginner. Morgan horse is extremely friendly and forgiving to new riders making it ideal for beginners.
  • Trainable. Morgan horses are not only trainable but also highly cooperative; this is a critical aspect when training beginners.
  • Easy to maintain. Maintaining this horse breed is generally accessible. Morgan horses don not require plenty of attention, unlike most horses available in today’s market.


  • When improperly fed, Morgan horses tend to become overweight very fast.

5. American Paint horse

 American Paints Horse
American Paints Horse

The Paint features a strong mix of American Quarter within their pedigree. American Paints are typically calm, easygoing, and highly social horses. They often create deep bonds with their owners, and they are good with children.

Pros & cons of American Paint horse


  • Easy to train. American Paints horses are extremely easy to train, which makes them perfect for newbies.
  • Calm. As previously mentioned, they are well known for being calm and easygoing, which is a critical aspect when it comes to horse riding for beginners.
  • Social. This horse breed is well-known for being social and good with kids and newbies.


  • Despite being a great horse, American paint is often prone to some genetic disorders.


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Final verdict

When looking for the best horse for beginners, always ensure all the essential aspects are met, which include calmness, easy to ride, and friendly.

As we come to a conclusion we hope that this article will help you choose a horse that will best suit your needs as a newbie.

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