Exercises To Do With Your Dog

Exercises To Do With Your Dog


Do you have a workout partner who flakes out, misses workouts or makes excuses?

Choose your new partner, your canine pal! Canine obesity is becoming more commonplace as well, so why not start exercising with your dog?

People can do some great activities with their dogs. Whether purebred or mixed breed, dogs can take part in almost any fitness activity. There are workouts that keep both of you slim, strong, and happy!

Jogging, running or walking are exercises:

that work well for both of you. You are however advised not to run with a dog until his skeleton is fully developed, usually around 12-18 months old.


can be a good choice if you have a dog that loves water. Swim a few laps with your pal. However, keep an eye on your dog constantly to ensure he isn’t struggling or having trouble while in the water. If your dog is uncomfortable in the water, don’t put him in.

Agility training:

includes crossing obstacles like hurdles, tunnels, ropes, etc., and requires running, jumping and crawling. These are exercises that are great exercise for both humans and dogs.


a slow bike ride together with your canine pal could be a good way to assist your pup expends some pent up energy. Have your friend follow you while you cycle.

Rollerblading or roller skating:

can be an excellent workout for both you and your pet friend. Remember that only a proficient rollerblader/skater should attempt to perform this workout with their dog.


skiing could be a well-liked winter sport that may be a blast together with your dog. As an alternate of taking a brisk walk, strap on some race skis together with your dog by your aspect.


is a cross between yoga and dog and is a very effective fitness routine. Yoga with your pet friend can be a calm and pleasant workout experience.

Here are some other ideas for human/dog exercise. Dogs generally love to chase, fetch, jump, and run around in circles.

While you do sit-ups, hold a dog toy and whenever you sit up, act as if you are throwing the toy.

Your dog will try to chase after it. Hold a toy before your dog when doing any upward stretch; this will encourage your dog to jump for it.

Play with your Dog

Great for you, and fun for him as well. Or just run up and down the stairs together. Keep yourself and your dog happy!

Dog friendliest city in the US

Dog friendliest city in the US


If you are a loving pet parent and planning to settle down in The U.S., there are plenty of awesome U.S. cities that your dog will love. Here are some pet-friendly destinations for your pup. Dog friendliest city in the US is a vital issues for dog lover.

Dog friendliest city in the United States

There are some pet-friendly cities for your Doggy. They are as follows.

San Diego, California:

The great weather and plenty of pet-friendly accommodations make the place a preferred choice of every pet owner. Enjoy shopping with your four-legged friend, play at the park, walking hiking trails, or heading to the beach.

There are 16 off-leash dog parks where dogs can stretch their legs, play and run around. Yogurt and Lighthouse Ice Cream offers Frosty Paws, a sugar-free, soy-based ice cream for your furry-friend.

Seattle, Washington:

There are plentiful public space and parks to walk a dog. Dogs with good behavior get rewarded with canine cookies, pupcakes, and Mutt Licks ice cream at the Doggie Style Bakery, Boutique & Spa.

The city organizes plenty of festivals and outdoor celebrations that welcome dogs.

Austin, Texas:

This place is a puppy paradise. There is a super pet-welcoming approach at most shops. The Groovy Dog Bakery offers a delicious puppy treat. Most restaurants here welcome your four-legged friend.

Portland, Oregon:

There are tons of pet-friendly hotels, restaurants, and shops. There are off-leash dog parks where your pup can exercise.

Boston, Massachusetts:

There are ample public spaces to walk your dog. There are arrangements for numerous pet-friendly activities. The city’s Liberty Hotel hosts a weekly “Yappier Hour,” a happy hour with drinks and foods for both you and your four-legged friends.

Colorado Springs, Colorado:

A wonderful vacation destination for the outdoorsy pup. You and your furry friend can hike; visit the Manitou Cliff Dwellings, Bear Creek Nature Center, and the Garden of the Gods Park.

In this video you can find 10 Most Dog Friendly Cities in USA.

Why You Should Get A Dog

Why You Should Get A Dog
My dog


A dog may be a man’s best ally.  You may be on the fence about getting one.  Here we’re going to give you seven reasons why you should get a dog. 

A family isn’t a family while not a dog. You’re going to want to run out to the nearest animal shelter and get one after reading this.


1. Health Benefits

A dog can get you out of the house.  You’re going to have to take it outside.  Then the dog is going to want to go for a walk.  That walking is good for both you and the doggy. 

This is why dog owners tend to be healthier.  You actually have to get up off the couch to take the puppy outside.  Your doggy will not let you forget that it needs to go.

2. Your Family Friend

Children who live in homes with dogs are less likely to have allergies and asthma.  This is one of those odd benefits of having a dog.  They’ll make your family healthier in ways you didn’t expect.  It makes sense though.  A child is less likely to develop allergies if they’re introduced to allergens at a young age.

3. Makes You Happy

Dogs make us feel happy.  Just making eye contact releases a chemical called oxytocin.  People with higher levels of oxytocin are less depressed, less lonely, and happier.  Think of a having a dog as a drug free method to get rid of the blues.

4. Teaches Responsibility

When you Own a dog it teaches some responsibility.  This is an excellent lesson to show your children.  Especially if they’ve been hounding you for a doggy. 

Having a doggy will prepare them for the real world.  It’ll remind your children that it’s important to meet the needs of others.  Something they’ll have to be ready for when they have children of their own.

5. Make You Social

People with dogs socialize more.  This makes sense.  When was the last time you stopped to tell someone they had a cute puppy?  It makes for a great icebreaker.  Especially in a day and age when everyone is glued to their smartphone.  It’s surprising just how many people end up meeting their spouse this way.

6. A Sense of Purpose

A dog will give you a sense of purpose.  This is very true for those who live alone. It can be difficult figuring out why you should go outside today. 

It will remind you that they need to go outside.  Plus, dogs need to go to the doctor too.  This will give you a new found purpose that you’ve never had before.  It’ll feel good to have to worry about someone other than yourself for a change.

7. Perfect Friend

Dogs are the most loyal creature you’ll ever meet.  You’ll have a best friend for life.  As long as you own that dog.  They’ll offer you all the love and companionship you’ll ever need.  This is the main reason why people have dogs.  It’s the very vital thing that has kept dogs being man’s best friend for thousands of years.

Why You Should Get A Dog ?

Are you ready to run out and get yourself a dog? 

Owning a dog is one of the most beautiful experiences you’ll ever have.  It’s more than just having a friend for life. 

A dog will be a part of your family.  Which is the very important reason why you should go get one today.  Try to get your puppy from an animal shelter.  By doing so you’ll ensure safe homes for homeless pets in the future.

The Worst Pets For Kids

Family pets are great for a lot of reasons. Your kids learn about responsibility and the extra appreciation and cuteness can bring joy for years to come.

However, some pets are better than others for families. What sounds like a great family pet in the beginning can turn into a disaster later on. So read on to find out which pets are the worst to get when you have kids around.


Worst Pets For Kids

Although birds don’t seem as if they’ll be a lot of work to take care of, they actually are. Birds aren’t like cats or dogs, which are considered traditional pets, so it takes a lot of specialized knowledge to care for them.

Birds can be noisy.  Plus, you can’t really cuddle them as much as you could a hamster, dog or cat, and many kids might not understand this.


Worst Pets For Kids

Although they might be cute and small, rabbits don’t make great pets for kids. They tend to be destructive if you keep them indoors (they’re chew on your carpet and baseboards and anything else they find) and will leave a mess of rabbit droppings everywhere in the house.

The cage has to be cleaned often.  And you can’t really train a rabbit get rid of their bad habits.



Having pets like lizards and iguanas might seem like a cool thing to have, but they’re really expensive.

They need to have certain living spaces that require the temperature to be just right and they eat bugs, so you’ll have a box of crickets and other types of insects, which may freak out some children.

Even snakes are bad pets because no one wants to be in a house with an escaped snake slithering around!

Hermit Crabs or Turtles

Worst Pets For Kid

Although they’re low maintenance, they’re not very exciting as pets. If your family is looking for something cute, fury and interactive stick to something like a dog or cat.

The Worst Pets for Kids

And these animals can tend to have a foul smell, which will make your home or room wan unpleasant place to be if its terrarium isn’t clean.

These creatures tend to have a long life and can live anywhere from 20-40 years, so you may not want to keep them around when your kids are off to college.

The Best Pets For Kids

Owning a pet can teach kids about responsibility and can also be a very rewarding experience for them. Not to mention all the amazing moments and joy that a pet can bring for years to come!

But pets aren’t always easy to have, especially if you have young kids, so it’s important to make sure that you chose the best pets. If you’re considering getting a family pet, here are some of the best choices for kids.

What are the best pets for kids?


best pets for kids

If you want to ease your way into a pet for your kids, a fish is the best place to start. They’re inexpensive and don’t require much, but at the same time, your children will learn about responsibility since they still need to be fed each day and the bowl or tank has to be maintained.

Although a goldfish might be a wise choice as a first pet, a Betta fish might be better since they thrive in isolation and can live in stagnant water, so you don’t need any filters or aerators as other fish usually need.

At some point, you might “graduate” to a tank with multiple fish, and also more maintenance requirements.

Small Animals

best pets for kids

Smaller mammals like guinea pigs, hamsters and gerbils are great pets for children. They’re fairly easy to care for and they will be fine in a small living space.

They require basic care and kids will love handling and petting them, which promotes friendliness. Just be careful with bites and scratches, which can be common with small rodents.


best pets for kids

If you’re more into the four-legged pets, a cat can make a great family and kid-friendly pet.

They’re independent and don’t need as much attention as other pets, but they will require regular checkups at the vet for immunizations and general health. If you don’t have a huge living space, a cat is usually better than a dog.

Best pets for kids

Dangerous Foods For Dogs

Dangerous Foods For Dogs


If you are a pet owner, your four-legged friend means a lot to you. You look for every possible way to keep your friend happy and healthy.

It is known that a dog will eat just about anything, but they should not be eating everything. It important to have a clear knowledge of what foods should you never feed your dog. That means you should know what are the dangerous foods for Dogs.

There are some foods not to feed dogs under any circumstances; stick to a decent doggy diet.

Foods You Didn’t Know Could Kill Your Dog

Dangerous Foods For Dogs


It is one of the most familiar foods that are harmful to dogs; knock it off the list early. Chocolate contains caffeine and theobromine and they are perilous for your doggy.

If taken, the doggy may vomit; suffer from dehydration, severe agitation, abdominal pains, irregular heart beat, some muscle tremors, rising of body high temperature, seizures and death.


Dangerous Foods For Dogs: Milk

Puppies drink milk from their mothers after they’re born, but they may suffer from lactose intolerance as milk contains milk sugar and dogs don’t have the enzymes to break it down. Consumption of ilk available in the market may cause diarrhea and other gastrointestinal problems.



Although onions taste good with anything savory; they can make your dog cry. Onions have compounds that can be dangerous to dogs if ingested enough. It can spoil red blood cells; if taken in large enough quantity, a blood transfusion might be needed.


Foods For Dogs

Keep your dog away from raw garlic as much as possible. Garlic contains compounds that are very much toxic and, as a result that is very dangerous for dogs. If consumed, red blood cells (RBC) won’t seem for little days in dogs; they’ll be exhausted and unenthusiastic to move. The dog’s excretory product like urine is going to be orange to deep red in colour.


harmful Foods For Dogs: Grapes
harmful Foods For Dogs: Grapes Grapes

Grapes and raisins will be staggeringly toxic to dogs. they’ll cause fast renal failure. The chemicals and compounds in grapes cause toxicity to dogs, and consumption will be shattering.


forbiden Foods For Dogs: Bacon

It would be absolutely tragic to offer bacon to your canine buddies. This is a food rich in fat and can lead to the disease pancreatitis in dogs.

Dangerous Foods For Dogs


The most vital factor with pet care is knowing what you’ll be able to and can’t feed your dog. Feed your canine pal with proper food and keep him happy and healthy.

Dangerous Foods For Cats

Dangerous Foods For Cats


Pets are members of our family. It’s important understand that sharing some food items can have dangerous effects on your cat. So you have to very serious about it.

List of Dangerous foods For Cats


Dangerous foods For Cats

These can damage of red blood cells and result in anemia in cats. The dimensions  of the dose determines the extent of lethargy and poisoning 

Macadamia Nuts:

forbidden foods For Cats

These contain an unfamiliar toxin, which can have an affect on the digestive and nervous systems and muscle of cats.


toxic foods For Cats

If taken in large quantities by cats, it may lead to electrolyte imbalances.

Raw Eggs:

Raw Egg

Raw eggs can lead to salmonella in cats. Symptoms of the illness will vary but can include vomiting and diarrhea. So Try to keep your cat away from eggs.


Cats habitually tend to be attracted to drinks. Even a small amount of alcohol can be life-threatening.


harmful foods For Cats

Cigarettes contain nicotine, which affects the digestive and nervous systems and can result in collapse, rapid heartbeat, coma, and even death.


Raisins are poisonous to cats. Avoid giving raisins; even few can cause sudden kidney failure in your cat. Grapes are also harmful to cats.

Diarrhea, lack of appetite, abdominal pain, weakness, and decreased urination are some of the symptoms if consumed by your pet.

Tuna and Raw Meat:

Feeding canned tuna or any fish/seafood on a regular basis is not a good idea. Raw meat like chicken or turkey or other poultry could be dangerous for your fur-friend.

Tea, Coffee, Energy Drinks:

Hazardous foods For Cats

Any caffeinated drinks will cause your cat to become restive, rapid breathing, heart palpitations, muscle tremors.


foods For Cats

Theobromine, is a compound in chocolate that is of major concern. It is altogether types of  chocolate, and most concentrated in concentrated dark chocolate and unsweetened baking chocolate. Consumption can cause heart arrhythmias, muscle tremors, or seizures. Chocolate also contains caffeine.

Cheese And Dairy:

Although some cats are able to eat cheese without any problem, dairy products often make the list of dangerous foods for cats. Many cats that mature to adulthood become intolerant to lactose. For these adult cats milk, cheese, or any other dairy product cause diarrhea.

Dangerous Foods For Cats


It is best to restrict your cat from having any of these items; however if you suspect your cat ate any of these foods, call a veterinary doctor immediately. So try to confirm what quantity she might have ingested.

Call your doctor for specific advice; in several cases little quantities don’t seem to be possible to be a haul however larger quantities might need you to induce disgorgement in your cat or to require her to your doctor.