Best Horses for Riding and Trail Riding

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Whether you ride for pleasure or competitive purposes, having the best breed of horse makes the whole experience worthwhile. It is prudent to have the best breed for riding. Having a stable horse that gets along well with other horses is a good characteristic of a good horse.

There are many breeds of horses that are available in the market. There are those that are best suited for riding and others for trail riding. A good horse should also have a strong stamina. The primary focus of this article is the best breeds that are best suited for riding and their characteristics that make them perfect for riding.

Six Best Horses for Riding

1. Andalusian

The Andalusian is another bred of horse that is preferred by many riders. The height of this breed is usually between 57 inches and 64 inches. The most common color for this breed is bay and gray. Other colors are chestnut, black, dun and palomino. They are very easy to train because of their intelligent and obedient character.

Things that make the Andalusian breed excellent for riding

 They are quite athletic and can run 12 miles without stopping from an early age of 5 years.

 They have a collected personality hence do not panic easily even faced by a predator.

 They have long strides making them a comfortable ride.

 They have a lot of endurance thus suitable for different weather conditions.

 They are trainable due to their intelligent and obedient character.

2. Icelandic horse

The Icelandic horse is another breed that is perfect for riding. The height of this horse is usually between 52 inches and 56 inches. The solid colors are the most common color but they are also available in other colors. They are tough, friendly and comfortable to ride. They are very stable horses on uneven rough grounds as well as frozen grounds.

Things that make the Icelandic horse a perfect trail riding horse.

 They are strong hence can withstand heavy weight.

 They can walk for many days without getting tired.

 In the winter they grow an extra to their coat that help keep the cold and snow out.

 They are well gaited making them very comfortable to ride.

 They have an inbuilt homecoming device that enables to find their own way home.

3. Mustang

This breed is another great trail riding horse that is also preferred by many riders. Usually, the mustang is medium sized breed with an average height of 56 inches to 60 inches. The common color of this horse is bay. Other variety of colors for this breed are spots, patches and stripes.

Reasons why the Mustang is excellent for riding

 They have a long-life span.

 They are trainable and work closely with an experienced trainer

 They have fantastic speed and stamina.

 They are adaptable to various environments.

4. Marwari Horse.

Another great breed for trail riding is the Marwari horse that is known as a breed of battle. The average height of this breed is between 58 inches and 62 inches. They have very sensitive ears that catch even the slightest of sounds.

The most common colors of this breed are chestnut, gray, dark brown pie bald and skewbald. They are said to be very intelligent, cautious and friendly. For centuries the mule has been used by riders to carry people and luggage.

Things that make the Marwari a great horse for trail riding.

 They are very loyal to their owners.

 They are very brave.

 They have a thick skin that help them cope in environments with harsh weather conditions.

 They are strong and can withstand heavy luggage.

 They have great speed.

5. Friesian Horse

This is another great breed that is preferred by general riders and trail riders. The average height of this horse is between 56 inches and 66 inches. They come in different colors that one can choose from.

The Friesian horse temperament is placid, loyal, willing and cheerful. They are very intelligent and relate well with both children and adults.

Things that make the Australian stock horse an excellent trail riding horse.

 They interact well with people due to their cheerful nature.

 They are very surefooted providing confidence during a ride.

 They are intelligent with a calm temperament.

 They are very loyal.

6. Quarter Horse.

The Quarter horse is one of the most popular riding horses in the United States. The horse generally has a height of between 56 inches and 64 inches. The sorrel color is the most common for this breed. They are well known for their calm and steady temperaments thus making them a great choice for trail riding. The Quarter horse is a preferred choice by made trail riders due to their great speed and natural cow sense. Additionally, the horse has a great amount of stamina and the ability to preserve its energy for when it is best required.

What makes the Quarter horse an excellent riding horse?

 They have a good temperament making them suitable for both children and adults.

 They are very stable thus do not trip even on uneven ground.

 They are an energetic breed but have the capability to save it for when it is needed.

 They have an excellent cow sense therefore do not become nervous when around a herd of cattle

 The quarter horse is a very intelligent breed

Five Best Horses for Trail Riding

Best Horses For Trail Riding

1. Arabian

The Arabian horse are a very pretty breed. The average height of the Arabian horse is usually between 56 inches and 60 inches. The Arabian has the strength and stamina to walk or run for many miles. They have a calm and kind nature making them a friendly breed.

Characteristics of Arabian Horse that make them a great riding horse.

 They do not get tired easily due to their high endurance capabilities.

 The Arabian is friendly breed well known for their loyalty.

 They are quite energetic with excellent speed.

 They can survive without taking much water unlike most breeds due to their desert background

 They are surefooted therefore do not trip even on uneven ground

2. Appaloosa

The Appaloosa is another breed that is good for riding. Typically, the height of this breed is between 56 inches and 64 inches. The horse is appealing to look at since they are spotted. The Appaloosa breed is a remarkable because of its obedient, intelligent and gentle character.

Things that make the Appaloosa excellent for riding.

 It is a hardy breed that is suitable for all weather conditions.

 The appaloosa has excellent stamina.

 They are very loyal and intelligent.

 Have trustworthy temperament making them very friendly

 Have very strong bodies with a good jump

 The Appaloosa has excellent speed

3. Morgan

This is another refined and compact breed excellent for riding. The height of this breed is usually between 56 inches and 62 inches. It comes in a variety of colors and the most common are black, bay, brown and chestnut. It is usually preferred by most riders who carry or pull heavy loads for a long distance.

Characteristics that make Morgan breed excellent for riding

 They are quite confident with immense intelligence.

 Quite strong and can carry heavy loads.

 They have gentle temperaments with a great sense of humor.

 The Morgan is very disciplined.

4. Tennessee Walking Horse

The Tennessee walking breed is another great choice of a riding horse. It is an elegant and refined breed with a sturdy body. Typically, the Tennessee walker has a height of 57 inches and 68 inches. The breed comes in a variety of colors to choose from. It is the most popular gaited breed. They are highly valued for their speed and comfortable.

Reasons why the Tennessee walking horse is good for riding.

 Have a collected temperament

 They are prone to spoking

 Are strong therefore can walk for long distances without getting tired easily

 They are very comfortable to ride due to their ‘rocking chair’ movement

 Quite friendly thus can be handled perfectly by both children and adults

5. Paint Horse

This is another great riding horse. The average height of this breed is 57 inches and 61 inches. The color of paint horse is white along with another color. The main coat patterns are tovero, overo and tobiano. It is quite friendly with a relaxed temperament.

Characteristics that make the paint horse perfect for riding

 They are quite patient thus do not get spooked easily.

 They are very comfortable to ride

 Are stable hence do not stumble easily on rough terrain

 Have excellent trail riding speed

 The paint horse is friendly in nature to both children and adults

 They have a relaxed temperament

 They are an intelligent breed

Best Horses For Riding FAQs

1. Q: Which is the best breed of horse for riding?

There are several breeds that are suitable for riding. It is therefore prudent to know the weather conditions and the endurance of the horse before purchasing it. Some of the common breeds are the Morgan. Arabian, Tennessee walking horse, Quarter horse among others. Make a smart choice and choose one that best suits your needs.

2. Q: How to choose the right horse for your riding style?

The intended purpose of the horse highly determines the breed of horse that one chooses. Trail riding involves rough, uneven terrains. Additionally, it involves riding under harsh climatic conditions. A good trail riding horse needs to have strong athletic capabilities and strong stamina to help it make it through the various tough terrains. The best riding horse should tolerate long distances without tiring easily. A good example is the Arabian horse. Depending on your riding style always choose a horse that is best suited for the task ahead.

3. Q: What are the various characteristics that you should look out for when selecting a horse?

The following are essential characteristics that one should put into consideration when buying a trail horse.

Trail experience: If you are passionate about riding horses it is prudent to enquire if the horse is well experienced for your style of riding. A well experienced horse will get you through tough spots on rough terrains. Therefore, choose one that will be best suited for the environment it will be constantly exposed to.

Stability: A good horse should offer you confidence during riding. The horse should be in a perfect position to carry you through rough terrains without the risk of tripping. For example, a horse with a short back will be in a position to carry more weight than one with a long back.

Disposition: When you are testing your prospective horse for riding pick one with a laid-back temperament. A calm and friendly horse will be very easy to handle and will put up with various distractions that one comes across during trail riding. A friendly horse is an excellent choice since it can be handled by both children and adults.

Attitude: The horse’s attitude highly influences its thrust. A horse that has a willing attitude can walk the trails with a lot of ease and comfort. A good attitude of the horses ensures that it is friendly to other horses and people as well. Additionally, it makes training of the horse to be less hectic.

4. Q: Should I ride my horse every day?

One cannot pound and push every single day. Many people cannot run 20 miles every day. Additionally, horse cannot run every day. It is very prudent for a horse to stay mentally and physically fit at all times. Therefore, it is essential that your horse has time to rest so as to repair the worn-out tissues.

5. Q: Which is most gentle horse breed?

Different horses have varying temperament. It is therefore essential for one to learn the temperament of the various breeds available in the market. There are breeds that usually gentler than others. some of the gentle breeds are Appaloosa. Morgan and the Quarter horse.


In conclusion, selecting a perfect riding horse can be very hectic at times. With many breeds to choose from one should be very keen when buying one. The intended purpose, stamina, attitude, and disposition should be put into consideration when selecting a perfect riding horse.

There are horses that are good riding horses and can also be used for trail riding. Example of such a horse is the Quarter horse, Arabian and Morgan. Hopefully this article will help you make the best choice of your desired riding horse.

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