The Best Horse Riding Boots: A Complete Guide

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Best Horse Riding Boots


Horse riding is often a great experience for many; however, for maximum experience, certain accessories such as horse riding boots always need to be the best.

Nevertheless, finding the best horse riding boots in the current market flooding with several brands may just prove to be a challenging task for many.

This is because these boots all have different distinctive features that qualify them as the best, however, finding those with at least a majority of these unique features for the best possible horse riding experience may just be next to impossible.

Thus, the review below has specially selected some of the best horse riding boots globally recommended ensuring that their acquisition/purchase is effortless.

The Best Horse Riding Boots Review

1. Mountain Horse Sovereign Field Boot

These are among the best boots for riding horses in the market today. They often come with unique features that aid in ensuring they deliver quality service.

These boots are usually available in two color sets of black and brown, allowing the riders to choose their preference. They are also made from full grain genuine leather with the lining being made from a premium selected genuine leather too for durability, comfort, among other benefits.

These boots come with a Flex-notch technology design that facilitates for free and effortless ankle flexing and extension. To improve stability while riding, these boots have been integrated with steel shanks.

Their design also includes high-density out sole with grip responsive ripple areas for optimal efficiency.

Furthermore, these boots are made with a strong full-length YKK Vilson zipper in the back with a snap zipper keeper at the top of the boot, which is durable, elastic, and well-hidden alongside the zipper for comfort and elegance.

The boots have Spanish cut tops and nine sets of eyelets with fixed elastic lacing. They also come with inflatable boot trees and a packaging boot bag.


  • The boots are strong and durable.
  • They are super comfortable.
  • Elegantly looking.
  • Fitting for both large and small calves.
  • Quite flexible and elastic.


  • They are not fully stable on their own.
  • They are quite expensive.

2. TuffRider Men’s Baroque Dress Boots

These tall boots from the TuffRider brand are also among the best horse riding boots in the market today. This is because of some of their unique features.

For instance, they are elegantly looking and appealing on design with a classic Spanish top design. They also come in design with a secure back zipper and an additional snap closure technique capability for tightly securing the entire boot.

The toe area of the boots is round, and they also have a stretch elastic side gusset for comfort and flexibility around the ankles during movement.

Moreover, these boots also have a comfortable memory foam foot bed, which is comfortable due to their cushioning feel and durable rubber out sole.

They are made from custom premium super-soft leather for comfort, and besides, their black color reflects elegance.


  • They are super comfortable.
  • They are reliable and durable.
  • These Boots are elegantly looking.
  • They are elastic and flexible.
  • They fit securely on feet.
  • Comes with a contoured design.


  • Ankle area a bit small for people with large ankles.
  • Sole glued thus detaches after a while.
  • Regular use requires break-in time.
  • Non-waterproof.

3. Ariat Men’s Heritage Roper Western Cowboy Horseback Riding Boots

These horse riding boots from the Ariat brand are also popular among the horse riders due to the unique experience they provide from their distinctive features.

For instance, these boots are made from full-grain leather, and they also have pull-on loops at scallop for a western-inspired performance. The toe area is shaped as a roper for protection and comfort.

The outer sole is also duratreated for maximum resistance and traction with a stirrup-friendly appearance. These boots are also lightweight with an advanced torque stability composite shank.

Additionally, these boots are also uniquely designed with a comfortable moisture-wicking and dry footbed with gel cushioning for shock absorption and feedback during riding.

They are also manufactured in several colors, thus allowing the horse riders to select their preferences. Some of its constant measurements include 10 inches shaft, 1.5-inch heel, and an approximate 14-inch boot opening, which are average enough for numerous leg types.


  • The boots are of high quality.
  • They are strong and durable.
  • Super comfortable.
  • Made from pure leather.
  • They are sturdy and stable.
  • Fit for many leg types.


  • They are stiff and thus can result in chafe.
  • Break-in time required.
  • Sloppy fit for some legs.

4. Dublin Women’s Pinnacle Equestrian Boots

Those in search of stylish and comfortable riding boots, this is your best option for the ladies. These boots are versatile in functionalities and thus are among the best there are in the market due to their features.

They are made from Redskin or treated russet leather, which is a special kind of leather as they are strong and waterproof. Their lining is also leather and fully waterproof.

The boots are also lightweight for effortless use but strong and durable with a Tough Tech rubber sole for dealing with wet and mushy land terrains.

These boots also come with a high-density foam heel support system, which acts as vibrational, shock, and impact absorbers during ridding.

The interior of the boots are fitted with Dublin Rider’s Comfort System for all-day wearing and comfort, and the insole creates a breathable environment for the feet with moisture-wicking and anti-microbial capabilities.

They also come with an inner calf patch for added protection during riding and full-size laces for tight and secure fitting.


  • They are super comfortable.
  • They fit perfectly and securely.
  • Strong and durable.
  • Lightweight.
  • Versatile in functionality.
  • They are impact resistant.


  • Occasionally tends to leak in excessively wet places.
  • Misleading sizes.
  • Has a wide fitting around the ankle.

5. Mountain Horse Men’s Rim frost Rider Tall Boot Black

These boots are also among the best and are very popular in the market as they are the pioneer mountain horse riding boots. Their vast features allow for efficiency and versatility in their functions.

For instance, the upper section of the boots is always made from a duralon or a hydro tech fabric ideal during cold weather. Apart from these, it also has an insulating thermolite lining aligned with the soft interior lining of the boots for warmth and comfort.

The calf area of the boots is also made of soft and elastic fabrics for smooth fitting and comfort. These boots also have a sturdy and strong YKK zipper for securing the boots on the feet and allowing for effortless putting on and taking off of the boots.

The zipper also has a zipper cover to prevent chaffing during riding. They also have a waterproof membrane that is breathable and free of perspiration.

The boots are further designed with a shock-absorbing IPS system to deal with shocks and vibrations while walking or riding and a steel shank for stability and easy riding.


  • They are strong and durable.
  • Super-comfortable.
  • Versatile in functionality.
  • Perfect for winter seasons.
  • Comes with thermolite for warmth.
  • Elastic back for easy fitting and movement.
  • Can be used in all-weather seasons.


  • A little bit stiff.
  • Requires break-in time.
  • Quite heavy.

6. Women’s Captiva Buckle-Down Waterproof boots

This women-specific horse riding boots are also among the best in the market when considering to purchase one. This is because their unique features also provide for the best possible service delivery and functionality for the ladies.

For instance, it is made of full grain synthetic leather which extends to form a waterproof lining. The boots also has extended cuff shafts and adjustable buckle straps for securing the boots.

Furthermore, to ensure perfect fitting, security and putting on and off of the boots, they also come with an instep zipper extending from the ankle region to the top of the boots.

The boots also comes with a rubber sole and an air cushion at the heels for shock absorption and stability. They are also breathable through their mesh lining as they block out water and allows moisture to escape for the rider’s feet to stay dry always and their topline is designed in the form of inset goring.

The boot’s shaft to arch measures about 12 inches, with the heels measuring about an inch and the boot openings measuring around 13 inches. They are massively produced in black colors and occasionally burgundy.


  • They are strong and durable.
  • Super comfortable.
  • Fancy looking.
  • Waterproof.
  • Easy to slip in and out of.
  • Sturdy and stable.


  • The calf area too tight for some with large calves.
  • There is leakage on much-wet conditions.
  • They are stiff and a little difficult to move freely in.

7. Ariat Men’s Heritage Lacer Western Cowboy Boot

This is another world-class horse riding boot model from the Ariat providers. These boots are also among the best due to their features, such as their manufacturing with the full-grain leather from the foot region through to the upper parts for durability.

The boots are also designed applying the ATS technology, which ensures that they are optimally sturdy, stable, and well-cushioned for comfort.

The outsole of these riding boots is also duratreated for durability and maximum wear resistance.

Similarly, the duratreat combined with the rubber sole also allows for high flexibility and improved firm grips on surfaces. The inner lining of the boots is also moisture-wicking capable, and the toe area has been designed into a round shape for maximum toe accommodation and comfort.

They also have a removable kiltie for extra protection and a traditional appeal and an 8-inch lace-up shaft for securing and tightly fitting of the boots on the feet.


  • They are strong and durable.
  • Super comfortable.
  • Elegantly looking.
  • Reasonable pricing.
  • They are high quality boots.
  • They are stable.
  • flexible.


  • A little harder to put on and get off since they have no back pull strap.
  • Requires more break in-time.
  • Sizing inconveniences.
  • They are a little stiff for free foot movement.

8. TuffRider Starter Front Zip Paddock Boots

TuffRider Company never disappoints its clients and the overall horse riding fraternity when it comes to delivering quality and all-purpose boots. This category of horse riding boots has been built with features to ensure that newbies in horse riding are as comfortable as possible and similarly satisfied with the experience.

Therefore, they are versatile and extensive when it comes to the types of feet they fit in. These boots have spur rests to ensure comfortable riding experience, and they are manufactured from a blend of leather and synthetic quality materials for quality and durable boots. Also, these boots are easy to put on and take off due to the smooth, high-quality front zippers.

The boots further have elastic gussets for flexibility and extensive foot mobility and detailed stitching for mobility. The boots are also uniquely designed with a perfectly rounded toe are for maximum comfort and safety of the rider’s toes.

The insides of these boots are super soft with a breathable lining fabric for much comfort. The boots are easy to clean by only wiping them with a damp cloth, and the outsole is made of PVC for durability and utilization in all kinds of weather.

The boots come in two distinctive colors of black and mocha for the choosing of the startup riders.


  • The boots are durable.
  • They are super comfortable.
  • They are waterproof.
  • The boots are flexible.
  • Easy to clean after riding.
  • They are safe for riding.
  • They are lightweight.
  • Recommended for newbies and inexperienced riders.
  • Favorable pricing.


  • Occasional confusions in boot sizing.
  • Size runs very small.
  • Not recommended for professional riders.
  • Occasional back foot and heel blisters.

9. Breckelle’s Women’s Alabama-12 Knee High Riding Boots

These boots are also among the best in the women’s category because of some of their distinctive features.

For instance, these boots are popular in the market because of their manufacture material which is often synthetic leather thus preferred and much appreciated to those practicing veganism worldwide.

These boots also come with knee-high shafts of up to about 21 inches, meaning that it covers the entirety of the calves.

On top of this, to ensure secure and tight-fitting of the boots, they have long laces which, when tied properly, ensures a firm grip on the rider’s legs.

The synthetic material used to make the upper portion of the boots is also soft and elastic for comfort and flexibility during movement or riding.

These boots further come in a number of colors allowing the rider to choose their preference. Also, the outsole is human-made from tough PVC material, which is flexible and, at the same time, durable.

The boot’s design is stylish and elegantly looking for fitting with modern wardrobe and dressing styles.


  • They are comfortable.
  • Elegantly looking.
  • Favorably priced thus affordable.
  • They are lightweight.
  • Safe to ride in.


  • Recommended for a little tall ladies.
  • Non-ideal for thick calves.
  • Non-waterproof in extreme wet conditions.
  • Difficult to put on and take off.

10. Justin Boots Women’s 11 Inch Bent Rail Riding Boot

These women horse riding boots are also among the best in the market from Justin Boots companies. They are unique in style and design; for instance, they come with two-tone wooden heel completely handcrafted in the USA.

These boots are manufactured from 100% pure leather with a facade, and a vintage cracked finish. The top portion of these riding boots forms an 11 Ocean Top appearance, and the toe area of the boots is always Broad Square shaped for maximum comfort and safety of the rider’s toes.

The lining of the boots is also by a leather fabric both in the foot and the upper areas. The boots are double stitched, and the outsole welted for maximal durability and comfort.

These boots are also designed with the J Flex Comfort System technology for the maximum comfort of the horse riders. The boots have pull tabs for pulling on every time you put them on, and this, combined with the wide opening of the boots, they are much effortless to put on.


  • The boots are strong and durable.
  • They are stylish and elegantly appealing.
  • Super comfortable.
  • Easy to slip into and out of.
  • Safe to use.


  • They are difficult to clean.
  • They are a little stiff for flexibility.
  • Quite expensive.

11. Laredo Men’s Breakout Western Boot

This riding boot is also among the best in the market from the Laredo brand, which has been operational for several decades. Their market experience thus allows them to produce satisfactory products for horse riders.

For instance, these boots are stylishly designed with a touch of western cowboy appearance, which is fashionably attractive. They also come with a square toe shape area for securing the toes and ensuring the feet are free and comfortable.

Furthermore, their design has pull loops on each side of the boot to facilitate easy wearing when in a rush. The insole of these boots is also contoured for comfort, and they can be removed at will for more space or personal preference remodeling of the insole.

The interior lining of these boots is mesh-like, allowing breathable conditions inside the boots and avoiding sweating. These boots are versatile and multipurpose since they are not only suitable for horseback riding.

Their sole is made from purely synthetic materials that ensure perfect grip on any surface, and they also have a spur rest for comfortable riding experience. The upperparts are fully leather guaranteeing for the durability of the boots.


  • They are strong and durable.
  • Comfortable.
  • They are stylish and elegant.
  • They are sturdy and stable.
  • Comparatively cheap and affordable.
  • They are versatile.


  • They are not suitable for cold weathers.
  • Size runs small.
  • Size variations and inconveniences.

12. Roper Crossrider Western Boot

Roper brand is one of the popular brands producing high-quality horse riding boots in the market. Thus, this brand of boots often comes with numerous unique features guaranteeing for satisfactory products and services to the riders/buyers.

For instance, the upper portion of the boots is always pure leather; thus, quality and durability are checked. Also, the soles are often rubber, which enables improved firm grip on any surface it comes into contact with.

These boots often have a forged steel shank for support and stability, and the shafts are a little shorter than most horse riding boots to the ankle-high level. These boots are handcrafted for a stylish design and a sleek, elegant appearance.

The insole is always made of soft fabric for maximum comfort during movement or riding. The outsole is also made of non-marking material, maintaining the elegant surfaces, and it also comes with up laces for tight and secure fitting of the boots to the rider’s feet. These boots are versatile in functionality and multipurpose.


  • The boots are high-quality products.
  • They are strong and durable.
  • Elegantly looking.
  • They are comfortable.
  • Versatile.
  • Stable.


  • They are not waterproof.
  • They run on the large side.
  • Do not provide much arch support.
  • Inconvenient for narrow feet.

Factors to consider when purchasing the best horse riding boots

Even though there are many brands and models of the horse riding boots, there are only but a handful that qualifies as the best in the market and can satisfy the needs of most of the riders.

Thus, to avoid certain inconveniences such as money wastage when considering to purchase a horse riding boot, many individuals are always advised to consider certain factors to ensure that the horse riding boots they buy actually fits with their needs perfectly. Below are some of these factors;

Boot prices

This is an important factor to consider because horse riding boot prices often vary from the lowest possible for the low-quality boots to very expensive ones with numerous quality features.

Therefore, one should always check for their spending limit possibilities to narrow down the search. Also, temporary boots or even those for beginners should not be costly purchased as they do not have to be long-lasting.

Furthermore, it is also recommended that you always spend more or even save money further ahead to warrant for the purchasing of high-quality products which will be durable and long-lasting rather than harried purchasing of cheap substandard boots which wears out quickly warranting for constant replacements resulting in wastage of resources such as money and time.

The type of riding boots

This is also a factor worth considering being that there are several types, such as the dress boots and the field boots.

Despite both being fit for long riding sessions, the dress boots are often stiff with the firm leather and also a little expensive and thus require prior deciding before purchasing to avoid inconveniences.

The field boots, on the other hand, are often more free and flexible made from much softer leather material, and they are often much cheaper. Thus, the situation and financial capability may warrant the type of boot to be selected.

There are also pull-up boots and zip-up boots, all with varying benefits in the field of horse riding. Thus, you will need to deeply analyze each on their type of wearing to determine the one suitable for an individual.

Manufacturing material

Many of the horse riding boots are often made from leather, synthetic material, or a blend of the two. The leather category is often popular and often high end offering higher levels of comfort and safety.

They are adaptable in any environmental condition due to their waterproof nature; thus, they are always much expensive.Synthetic ones are also very popular among certain groups of individuals as they are easy to clean, durable, and yet much cheaper than the prior ones.

They are, however, not suitable for winters or even summers as their designs are non-breathable, creating discomfort during the extreme seasons.

Thus, choosing the best horse riding boots often depends on the material and the need.


Horse riding boots always operate under stressful conditions that require toughness and agility on their design.

They should, therefore, be able to withstand any of the pressures relayed, the temperature changes to the extremes such as cold weather and hot weather, among others without wearing or tearing away.

Properly fitting

Many riders have different measurements of feet and calve sizes. Nevertheless, while riding, you, therefore, to be as comfortable as possible. Thus, picking the right size will guarantee a perfect and comfortable fit.

Also, the securing features such as laces and zips should be checked by ensuring that the chosen horse riding boot calf size is correspondent and fitting to the rider’s calf as this will further be comfortable and prevent occasional bruising obtained from inner friction rub by the stiff boots.

Safety of the boots

You wouldn’t want accidents and self-harming as a result of unsafe boots. Thus, many experts often recommend closed-toed boots with a distinct heel.

This will ensure that you stay clear of big and heavy boots with wide toe areas, which may result in the bleeding of the toes or even get stuck in the stirrups resulting in avoidable consequences and complications.

Best Horse Riding Boots FAQs

Q: What are horseback riding boots used for?


Horseback riding boots always have numerous functions they satisfy in the life of a rider. For instance;

  • They are specifically made for horse riding and equestrian sports
  • Some are tall to secure the rider’s leg from the saddle and avoid pinching and bruising
  • They have sturdy toe and prominent heel to protect the rider’s foot and hold it securely within the stirrup
  • The several different types of horse riding boots all are unique and appropriate for specific weathers and functions
  • The boots are also used occasionally for hacking, schooling, competing and completing yard work among other functions

Q: How long do the horse riding boots last?


This is a question of circumstance and thus requires the consideration of several other external factors to provide a definitive answer. Every rider hopes to last as long as possible with their boots however this is determined by;

  • The frequency of use
  • Their construction quality
  • The environment they are used
  • The frequency of cleaning
  • The frequency of maintenance and repairing

Q: Who needs Horse riding Boots?


Horse riding boots are needed by any individual planning to try out horse riding as a beginner or any horse rider generally. The boots are beneficial not only to the riders but also helps in protecting the horses from unnecessary injuries.

Q: Should horse riding boots be leather?


Not necessarily because there are also pure synthetic boots; however, the leather boots are always popular and more preferred because of their quality, durability, and security, among other factors that facilitate excellent riding.

Q: Are there vegan horse riding boots?


Yes, there are boots specifically made to be used by vegans during horse riding. They are purely made of synthetic material and zero animal leather products. Despite their shortcomings, they fill the gap perfectly for the vegans.


Purchasing or acquiring the best horse riding boots should not be a headache, especially after reading this article. Considering the best possible boot by exhausting all the possible factors will ensure that you save time and money, among other resources.

However, to ease the process, some of the best horse riding boots mentioned above try to satisfy all the needs of the majority of the horse riders; thus, they are worth considering for any individual interested in horse riding boots for informed, wise and quick decisive best horse boot buying.

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