Why You Should Adopt A Dog

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(Last Updated On: January 29, 2020)
why you should adopt a dog


You or someone in your family may be thinking about getting a dog.  Now you’ve got to decide where to get it.  There are many options for people today.  You can look in the local classified ads for a dog. 

You can conjointly visit a pet store and purchase one.  But the best option may be to adopt a dog from your local animal shelter.  You’ll understand why after reading this article.


Pet stores often buy dogs from puppy mills.  These are companies that do nothing but breed dogs.  You don’t need a dog from a puppy mill.  First off, you’re supporting a very cruel operation. 

You could even end up getting a sick or abused animal.  A sick dog from a puppy mill could end up costing you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in vet bills.

When you adopt a dog, you’re saving a life. Many shelter dogs risk being euthanized if they can’t find a suitable “forever family”.  And the love and gratitude they will give you will last a lifetime.

Adopting a dog can also be a lot cheaper than buying from a breeder or pet store.  Usually the adoption fees are minimal and cover the basic medical expenses, as well as help fund the shelter and keep it in business. 

A shelter will provide a home for other animals in need.  This is what your money will go towards.  It ensures a quality of life that is high for other homeless animals. 

They’ll always have a place to go as long as the shelter is in existence.  Your support makes all this possible.  Which is also why you may consider volunteering or donating money from time to time.

Another great reason to adopt a dog from a shelter is that they are often house trained.  Anyone that has ever trained a dog to go outside knows how difficult this can be. 

Your adopted dog will just need to be reminded that it needs to be taken outside.  It’ll get back into the swing of things in no time flat.

All the medical attention your dog needs will often have been provided for them at the shelter.  This often includes spaying or neutering.  That means you’re not going to have to worry about any little puppies running around the house. 

Shelters also may put microchip implants into the dogs.  This can be good in case your dog ever runs away.  You’ll be able to find your dog quickly and easily because of it.


It can’t be emphasized enough that adoption is truly the best option.   A dog is the best pet you’ll ever have and adopting a dog will save a life!

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