How Much Does A Macaw Cost?

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How Much Does A Macaw Cost?


From their social and affectionate nature to how intelligent and fun-loving they are, macaws have proven to be almost irresistible. While they could be a little noisy and perhaps demand too much attention, their company is reasonably racy and spellbinding. Owning a macaw will be one of the best decisions you could ever make. But do you know how much it will cost?

There is no denying that macaws will often come at different prices, thanks to the different types you will get them. In this light, you will need to get a few insights into the cost of macaws. Here are a few pieces of information to keep in mind.

How Much Does A Macaw Cost?

It will be fair to mention that macaws are relatively pricy. However, they assure you of an extensively rewarding experience in the long run. Their cost will depend on the breed that you choose.

Types of macaws and their costs

Different birds and animals will always come in various species, and macaws are no exception. Usually, you will need to choose between mini macaws and larger ones. Some of the most accessible mini macaws will often include Hahns, yellow-collared, and Illegers.

If you were to consider larger macaws, you would appreciate Blue & Gold, hyacinth macaws, military macaws, and green wing ones.

Here are a few invaluable insights into each of these species.

Blue & Green Macaw

You can hardly dissociate this breed with sociability and intelligence. Its social needs tend to be akin to those of cats and dogs, making it a suitable pet choice for no novice. It is a large breed whose lively personality will get you smitten.

Blue and Gold Macaw is the most common among all, and the cost of this breed will often average at $1350. That means that the ideal cost range lies between 1200 and 1500 USD. In this regard, the price will be dependent on the breeder, with topnotch breeders charging you much higher.

Hahns Macaws

It will be fair to assume that this is the smallest breed among all. Besides forming bonds with their owners almost instantly, they tend to be incredibly intelligent. That means that they will respond to training much faster. However, they are relatively affordable, as they will cost you an average of $850 to $1200.

Greenwing Macaw

The response to training that these greenwing macaws offer is impressive. You will fall in love with how social they tend to be too. As long as you give them the attention they so deserve, you will be good to go. In most cases, you will spend between $3000 and $4000 to get this breed.

Hyacinth Macaws

Besides being the largest type of macaws to consider, these birds are arguably among the hardest to take care of. Usually, they demand both time and attention from their owners. That means that they will not be ideal for beginners. Usually, you will spend up to $10000 to get this bad, making it one of the most expensive pets you could ever have.

Military Macaws

Are you looking for a social and vocal option? This military macaw breed is all that you might want, as it assures you of an incredible company. Besides being relatively curious, you will witness that they make bonding seem effortless. The average cost for these birds is about $2500.

Illigers Macaw

There is no denying that this breed appreciates staying busy at all times. Most often, these birds tend to respond to positive training much faster. That they will bond with you much faster is no secret. These birds’ costs will often lie between $1000 and $3000, depending on the breeder you choose.

Scarlet Macaw

This vibrant breed of macaws is sleekly becoming one of the favorite options for many people. They boast of red or blue color patterns, and their beauty remains unmatched. Usually, they will cost you between $2000 and $3000, with $2500 being the average price.

Hybrid macaws

If you are looking for different macaw traits in one, a hybrid option is all that you could ever need. There is no denying that these feature-rich macaws will cost you a little higher. Usually, you will spend between $1000 and $5000 on each of them. The average cost is around $3000.

Smaller macaws

This option is ideal for all those people on a budget. Ideally, these are small macaws of either of the breeds mentioned above. In most cases, they will cost you between $700 and a little over $1000.

How much does it cost to keep a parrot?

From pet sitting to buying food, taking care of parrots will always come with various costs. There will be a need for you to understand these expenses before you can finally buy your parrot in the long run. Here are the expenses you will need to be wary of whenever you start keeping these parrots.

Medical care

Medical care costs will often vary with your state and whether you have any premiums for your bird. However, on average, you will spend approximately $75 for an annual exam. This cost is per bird. That means that, for instance, if you have three birds, you will need around $225 annually. You will also need to have some cash for medicine whenever necessary. If you were to put aside between $20 and $50, you would be good to go.


Your bird needs to look impeccable at all times. In most cases, you will spend around $6 per parrot monthly. That means that you should have at least $72 annually to keep your parrot looking good.


You can hardly ignore the cost of food whenever you are taking care of macaws. Thankfully, they are hardly hard feeders, which means you might not spend way too much. The cost of food will often be between $200 and $400 per bird, annually. There is no denying that larger birds will demand much more food, and consequently, a higher expenditure.

Macaws for sale

Usually, being careful when selecting your macaw will be rewarding. During this time, ensure that you pay attention to the following variables whenever you visit a breeder.

  • Cleanliness

It will be best for you to pick a bird from a clean breeder. Any signs of the pungent stench of urine or feces should be a red flag. There is no denying that the birds do not get the care they so deserve with this smell. As long as hygiene is lacking, there are high chances of getting unhealthy birds.

  • Check the health of the macaws

Take the time to confirm how healthy these macaws are. Ensure that they are hardly puffed-up or heavy-eyed. Their feathers need not appear dull or lifeless. Any of these signs should keep you away from them.

  • Cost

It will always be vital for you to consider a relatively affordable bird. You will be the one to compare how much different breeds cost, and which one you will comfortably afford. This way, you will not end up in financial constraints later on.

Why You Should Buy a Macaw

Various benefits come with the purchase of a macaw. Besides the company you so need, you will be confident of getting the following benefits.


On average, macaws will last for around 50 years. For instance, Blue&Gold macaws will live for between 30 and 35 years. On the other hand, breeds like Scarlet will live for between 75 and 90 years. Such long lifespans will assure you of an incredible company for a relatively long time.

Social and affectionate

From how social and affectionate they are to their attention-seeking nature, you will effortlessly fall in love with these macaws. These birds will often exhibit incredible personalities and myriad of heartwarming behaviors, which allow you to build impeccable relationships with them. As if that is not enough, these birds are hardly afraid of people.

Beautiful colors

The color combination that the macaws feature is impossible to resist. From the wavy blue to the admirable yellow shade, you will find them appealing to the eyes. Besides, you will be sure of a wide variety of colors to choose from, allowing you to readily get one with your favorite combination.

Unrivaled intelligence

Macaws can not only mimic but also speak a variety of sounds, thanks to how intelligent they are. These birds thrive on activities that could pose challenges to them, as they value a winning attitude. Whether it is a foraging activity or otherwise, overcoming challenges will be the ultimate goal for these birds. Above all, you will hardly have a hard time training them.

Easy feeding

It will always be fun to feed macaws, as they hardly demand much. These birds will eat almost anything edible from eating seeds, flowers, fruits, and nectar to picking exposed clay. This way, you will not need to worry about what to give them in the long run. Most experts would suggest that you give them foods that are rich in fats.

Cons of having a macaw

While having a macaw comes with multiple benefits, one advantage could pose challenges in the long run. There is a high chance that your favorite pet could outlive you since their lifespan is relatively extensive. In this regard, you will need to make arrangements on who will take care of them once you are gone.

Also, these birds can be extremely loud, and their voice could be irritating. That they will screech or scream at least twice a day is no secret. It is something you will learn to live with at long last.


Q: What to know before buying a macaw

Owning and maintaining a macaw is no walk in the park. Some considerations will be inevitable in this pursuit, and they include the following.

  • Space

There is no denying that macaws are relatively large birds, which means you will need enough space to accommodate them. Your bird’s right cage should measure 30 inches deep, 72 inches high, and 48 inches wide. The larger it is, the more comfortable it will be for your bird.

Noise It is not uncommon for macaws to screech whenever they are in the house. That means that you should be ready for noise from time to time.

  • Lifespan

A macaw can stay for between 50 and 70 years. With this level of longevity, be ready to live with it for a long time.

  • Social

Besides their impressive intelligence, you will get smitten by how social these birds are. What is more, they will take the least time to bond with you.

Q: Are macaws expensive?

Indeed, macaws have proven to be among the most expensive pets one could have. In most cases, you will spend an average of $1500 to $10000 on these birds. Well, the high price is associated with how difficult it can be to breed them. Therefore, you will be the one to look for a macaw that does not cost you much. Preferably, buy them when they are still small.

Q: Do Macaws love you?

You can hardly dissociate macaws with intelligence and sociability. Their ability to create bonds is impeccable, and they will always love their owners. For this reason, you will hardly go wrong with owning one today.

Q: Do macaws scream?

The simple answer to this would be yes. The regular screeches and squawks within the house will be the order of the day. Usually, these screams will range between 105 and 120 decibels, which is outrageous for some people.

Final Verdict

From how loving and intelligent they are to their unrivaled beauty, macaws are birds you will not want to miss in your house. The only catch is to ensure that you get the right one. While their initial cost could be high, you will be confident of reaping incredible returns in the long run. Take the time to understand how to treat them and go for them.

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