Exercises To Do With Your Dog

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Exercises To Do With Your Dog


Do you have a workout partner who flakes out, misses workouts or makes excuses?

Choose your new partner, your canine pal! Canine obesity is becoming more commonplace as well, so why not start exercising with your dog?

People can do some great activities with their dogs. Whether purebred or mixed breed, dogs can take part in almost any fitness activity. There are workouts that keep both of you slim, strong, and happy!

Jogging, running or walking are exercises:

that work well for both of you. You are however advised not to run with a dog until his skeleton is fully developed, usually around 12-18 months old.


can be a good choice if you have a dog that loves water. Swim a few laps with your pal. However, keep an eye on your dog constantly to ensure he isn’t struggling or having trouble while in the water. If your dog is uncomfortable in the water, don’t put him in.

Agility training:

includes crossing obstacles like hurdles, tunnels, ropes, etc., and requires running, jumping and crawling. These are exercises that are great exercise for both humans and dogs.


a slow bike ride together with your canine pal could be a good way to assist your pup expends some pent up energy. Have your friend follow you while you cycle.

Rollerblading or roller skating:

can be an excellent workout for both you and your pet friend. Remember that only a proficient rollerblader/skater should attempt to perform this workout with their dog.


skiing could be a well-liked winter sport that may be a blast together with your dog. As an alternate of taking a brisk walk, strap on some race skis together with your dog by your aspect.


is a cross between yoga and dog and is a very effective fitness routine. Yoga with your pet friend can be a calm and pleasant workout experience.

Here are some other ideas for human/dog exercise. Dogs generally love to chase, fetch, jump, and run around in circles.

While you do sit-ups, hold a dog toy and whenever you sit up, act as if you are throwing the toy.

Your dog will try to chase after it. Hold a toy before your dog when doing any upward stretch; this will encourage your dog to jump for it.

Play with your Dog

Great for you, and fun for him as well. Or just run up and down the stairs together. Keep yourself and your dog happy!

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